Learning to live Debt Free

A couple of years ago, I was going through some difficult times. I was gaining so much debt because my wife and I were planning our wedding, and we had so much to spend for. It was the biggest and most special day of our lives, and I wanted to make it very special, but also, it ended up that I was getting so much credit card debt.

We wanted to make the day so special for us, we wanted to go all out for our 300 guests, and have everything in the most extravagant way, but we didn’t think closely about how it would hit us afterward.

The new few years was more difficult for us, because we then had to deal with the payments still owed to our suppliers. And, since we had paid a lot of things with our credit card, it meant that we owed the credit card company a lot of money. The honeymoon phase was quickly over, because of the credit card debt that we had to face when we got back from our honeymoon trip, which we also paid by credit card.


Ugh, what a time to be a newlywed couple, with no money to start our lives with. But, I learned that there were credit card debt relief companies who helped people with these problems, and I found the kind of package that suited my wife and I perfectly.

I’m so glad now that I have recovered completely from credit card debt, and now, my wife and I have some financial freedom to be looking at homes that we can afford, and not incur so much debt anymore. This definitely became an important lesson for both of us, but we also strengthened our relationship because of it. Since we are now able to live debt free, we continue our future living in the same manner.…

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